InSystems produces customized autonomous guided vehicles that can be easily integrated into your production process.

Loads, transport routes and transfer heights are unique for every production site. For this reason we adapt our vehicles to the customers’ needs, so that no changes to the machines and to the storage technology are required.

Both workers and robots can use the transport routes, because the proANT AGV vehicles guarantee personal safety. Thanks to certified security functions, the robots identify humans and can stop, even if someone suddenly steps into their path.  More on safety functions.

The proANT aAGVs navigate autonomously. They find their path alone, avoid obstacles and calculate alternative routes to reach their destination in the shortest time. To avoid jams, the proANT AGVs communicate among each other and with the control center.

To detect of humans, as well as for the battery technology, control and communication, we rely on standardized and proven components. During our various projects, we have built up a modular system, therefore we are able to build many different types of vehicles. Typically, we create vehicles for loads in the range between 20kg and 200kg, but we can also design maxi-vehicles for loads over 1000kg.

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